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Sustainability, Preservation & Community are the fundamentals to producing these Goods.

We are what we eat – never has this statement been more true than it is today.

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Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Freshly Harvested For You !

Drawn by: Lexi , Age: 11, AKA: Sprout Queen, Waldorf Student

Welcome to the World of Fresh, Vibrant and Organic Micro-Greens! … As Nature intended,

Grown with Certified Organic Seeds, Organic Soil, Ocean Minerals, Natural and Full Spectrum Light and Harvested weekly to provide our community with the very best and freshest.

It is said that a timely harvest is a good omen.Thus we strive to provide goods pertaining to your health and wellbeing in a timely way.

Get Inspired to use one of the freshest and most nutritious greens available. (Children’s favourite green vegetable… and most nutritious.

Always In Season !

The secret to a long healthy life ? Look no further than the freshness and purity of the foods and ingredients you consume. Micro-Greens should be consumed daily to make up for the deficiencies in other foods consumed.

Our product is grown every day of the year and harvested every week so that we can ensure to supply the community with nutrition at it’s best.


We Deliver to your home, restaurant or store.

Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton, Hamilton, Stoney Creek.

Call us for more information: 905-336-7875


Wondering what to eat? Try our Micro Medley!

At Rejuvenating Spring, we’re mad for Micro-greens. Micro-greens bringing not only a compelling look to the dinner plate, but contains such unique flavours that give your pallet what it needs. You may go throughout the day asking yourself what to eat for breakfast, lunch and even dinner but we have a solution for you!

Now with Rejuvenating Spring’s Micro Medley, you can be worry free. This vibrant Micro-green mix is a Sunflower, Pea-shoot and Red Daikon vitamin rich medley. With the sweetness from the sunflower, crunchy pea tendrils and the spicy aroma from the Daikon, you have got a delicious, Micro Medley

Call us today to get your Micro Medley 905-336-7875

Food Service

Here at Rejuvenating Spring, Micro-greens are grown daily for Deliveries across the GTA (Great Toronto Area). With natural sunlight adding rich colours to the Micro-greens, our staff takes pride in every Micro-green handling process to make sure that you receive the freshest product with full integrity. Packaged and Certified Organic, we supply to local markets and Restaurants bringing you the Micro-greens you need from all corners. Pre-harvested at a suitable size, our Micro-greens can be consumed right away, while saving you preparation time. We provide reliable freshness and fast delivery time. From 1lb to bulk product, our greens are beautifully crisp and add a wonderful savour to meals. Whether it be for an exquisite look to add to an entrée or a tasteful Micro-green Kale and Sunflower Salad, we cater to your needs helping you expand your menu.

With Rejuvenating Spring’s dedication to vibrant health, we provide holistic food from a holistic environment allowing our customers to do the same! Order Micro-greens today and make your meals one of a kind!

Get your Micro-greens in Restaurants today by calling 905-336-7875


About Us

Rejuvenating Spring is a family owned and operated company dedicated health, happiness and longevity. We do not believe in taking shortcuts when it comes to feeding human beings. Health and Nutrition are directly linked to a happy and prosperous life. We promote a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Our founders passion for Living Nutrition and their expertise in assisting the human body function at optimal levels through supplying bio-available nutrition is the primal principle in mind when producing all products we supply.

We believe that you should be able feel the nutrition you consume. Our staff includes many health enthusiasts including Nutritionists, Naturopathic Medicine Practitioners, Chefs, Yoga Teachers, Massage therapists, Horticulturists and nature lovers.

With over 15 years of experience in growing Micro-Greens; we can truthfully say that we stand behind the products we produce & invite to you to our table to taste and feel the difference.


Micro-greens for your Health

Micro-greens along with fresh vegetable juicing are some of the most powerful nutritional practices. Certain people wish to overstate the difference between “Sprouts” and “Micro-greens”. The truth is both are beneficial to your health. The sprout is extremely biologically active and in essence is an awakened seed that has exponentially changed its own in-heritant nutritional value. The common fear of sprouts in the food industry usually refers to the poor selection of seed quality and water management practices as they are grown Hydroponically (in water). The importance is not in thinking that one is better than the other as there has been significant research to show the amazing health benefits of both. There has been significant research to show that hydroponically grown 3 day old broccoli sprouts are extremely beneficial for ones health however where Micro-greens are superior is in the fact that it is grown in soil and hence a representation of the true processes of nature. This added value of the soil and ocean minerals are one of the keys to vibrant health. As our soils get depleted of minerals and as conventional farming practices use many artificial fertilizers. To eat something that is grown and harvested on weekly basis local to your environment with not only a fantastic mineral value but also a surplus of enzyme activity along with the ultimate nectar for healing; chlorophyll, this special food item should never be omitted from ones diet if one wishes to achieve longevity in health and vitality. Enzymes are necessary for just about every internal body process. From the digestion of food, to repairing tissue to regulating metabolism, enzymes are needed.

From the time we are born, we usually have a predominantly cooked food diet which is to a larger extent devoid of enzymes. Enzyme deficiency leads to premature aging and lack of energy. To avoid these symptoms, we recommend consuming Micro-greens on a daily basis as an addition to your meals and where applicable in your fresh vegetable juicing.

Nutrition is the study of the nutrient requirement and movement of the body, therefor it is always important when trying to make a healthy choice to understand whether the foods you are consuming are being absorbed or not. Bio-Availability of nutrients is just as important as the selection of good quality foods. There is no better bio-availability than that obtained through the consumption of young baby plants and fresh vegetable juicing.


  • Rs custom soil blend with Peat Moss, Compost and Sea Minerals
  • Certified Organic seed, laboratory tested
  • Micro-greens are grown under Natural Light and Full Spectrum
  • Purified Water is used to water micro-greens
  • Micro-greens are packed in Eco-friendly Flexible packaging and clam shells containers with a tamper proof label to ensure the right amount of oxygen flow
  • Once Micro-greens are harvested, the baby stems are fed to livestock and chickens and the soil is composted and spread on farm land to build top soil.
  • All Micro-greens are packed and delivered within 24 hours of harvesting

Sprouts vs Micro-greens:

Making their way from family kitchens into trendy restaurants and stylish markets, Sprouts and Micro-greens are becoming the fad adding lovely flavours to meals and dishes. These immature vegetables are short on size but huge on nutritional value, however, they do differ when it comes to looking at the growing process causing other factors to change as well.

Let’s take a look!

Sprouts are simply germinated seeds. When consumed, essentially you are eating the seed, root, stem and small underdeveloped leaves. Factually, the seed is never planted but rather placed in enclosed jars or glass sprouting jars. This is called Hydroponic Sprouting. Because of the high moisture content and humidity level inside the jar/container, the seed germinates very fast and rids any possibility of pathogens. As per the feeding method, Sprouts should be watered once a day allowing the sprout to purify itself and rid any form of microbes. Other method’s of sprouting include using a sprouting bag. Seeds can be placed in sprouting bags and are repeatedly soaked in water causing the seed to germinate faster as well. Normally, the sprouting process occurs with very low light source or in a dark place. Types of sprouts include Alfalfa, Sunflower, Cress, Mung bean, Chick Pea, Buckwheat seeds and many others as they germinate quicker and take up to 4-7 days. These methods cannot done with Micro-greens. It is simply a completely different process.

When taking a look at Micro-greens, they are a tiny form of edible greens produced from the seeds of different vegetables, herbs and other plants. Micro-greens are normally grown in a shallow container of soil — not like sprouts which are germinated in water and harvested when they are still small and immature. Micro-greens should be grown in High Light Conditions (Full Spectrum Light) (as it is a great bactericide/purifier), low humidity levels and good air circulation. The more ventilation and light, the more colour and flavour unto your Micro-greens. As for the the feeding process in the life of a Micro-green, they are watered when the soil gets dry which is usually 4-6 times in its life. Micro-greens are harvested at a tender age in its life causing it to have a rich nutritional value, a delicate smoothness and you can enjoy the freshness and essence in each every bite.

Because of its longer life span, Micro-greens have much more refined and stronger flavours than sprouts making them an ideal accent to many dishes and snacks. Micro-greens unlike Sprouts take 7-14 days growing time. When the Green has two leaves which are fully spread they are more so ready for harvest. In essence, Micro-greens are simply baby seedlings that are harvested before they develop into larger plants. The Micro-green growing process, is not contributive to any microbes or pathogens and with good care and a little love, your Micro-greens will be looking fantastic.

As you can see, there is a fair bit of difference between both Sprout and Micro-greens, however both are unique in their own way. Producers of incredible Health Benefits, these two trendy baby greens are spicing up the kitchen!


  • Germinated Seeds
  • 4-6 days growing time
  • When consumed, you are eating the root, stem, seed and underdeveloped leaves
  • Seed is never planted but rather germinated in water (Hydroponically grown)
  • Sprouts are placed in glass jars for higher moisture content and humidity levels inside the jar causing seed to germinate faster.
  • Sprouting process occurs in a dark place or a place with low light source
  • Because of the moisture content, humidity level and dark growing area, no pathogens or microbes are formed in jars allowing you to have the freshest product


  • produced from the seed of different vegetables, herbs and other plants
  • Micro-greens are normally grown in a shallow container of soil — not like sprouts which are germinated in water and harvested when they are still small and immature.
  • should be grown in High Light Conditions (Full Spectrum Light) (as it is a great bactericide/purifier), low humidity levels and good air circulation.
  • 7-14 days growing time
  • watered 4-6 times throughout its whole life
  • stronger flavours because of its longer life span
  • is not contributive to any microbes or pathogens

Food Safety

Here at Rejuvenating Spring, we have made a major commitment to ensuring Food Safety. This is a golden rule that has been instilled in each and every member of our team. We take pride in Micro-green Farming and we wish to provide you with an excellent service and delicious product.

Rejuvenating Spring is Eco-Cert Certified in all areas of Food Handling and Agricultural Production. With separate certifications under many other Food Handling Requirements, Rejuvenating Spring regulates its process to stay up to date with the Canadian Organic Standards. Our production process is based on principles that support healthy practices. These principles aim to increase the quality and the durability of the environment through specific management and production methods. While remaining very quality conscious, we aim to protect the environment, optimize biological productivity and promote a sound state of health.

With our standard operation procedures, we provide attentive care that emphasizes careful processing and handling methods in order to maintain the organic integrity and vital qualities of the products at all stages of production. Management methods are carefully chosen in order to sustain ecological stability throughout the surrounding environment.

Our Soil fertility is maintained and enhanced by promoting optimal biological activity within the soil and conservation of soil resources. Our water is a dual filtered well water system. Tested regularly, it is sterilized with Ultraviolet Light (UV) and passes through several filters to rid any case of microbes. At Rejuvenating Spring, we do not condone the use of any genetically modified seeds. With this in mind, all seeds are laboratory tested to be pathogen free and Certified Organic.

To show seed quality and suitability for Rejuvenating Spring Operations and absence of Salmonella and E-Coli, certification analysis is required for each lot of seed.

To ensure top quality of all products, we log key details daily including production, preparation, handling and management practices ensuring that all product is recognized and maintained for optimal result. In establishing a safe and well controlled environment we can assure that all products are reliable and fresh.

From Greenhouse Production, Harvest operations and Packing procedures, we follow and stand for excellent food service, and quality control management providing you with the service you need!

Our Products

Sunflower Sprouts

Our most popular Micro-green! Crunchy, tasty, and fresh! Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and E and an excellent source of amino acids. days. Use in sandwiches, salads, and on their own!

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, Bulk*

Wheat Grass

Widely known for it’s nutritional benefits, freshly pressed wheatgrass juice has everything the body needs to detoxify, cleanse, and nourish. Wheatgrass is chlorophyll-rich, helping to oxygenate organ systems and purify the cells. The juice can be added to smoothies, and mixed with other juices.

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, Bulk*

Buckwheat Sprouts

Buckwheat sprouts have a delicious nutty flavour. Very high in essential amino acids, chlorophyll, calcium, iron, and vitamin B6. Does not contain wheat. Pair always with sandwiches, eggs, salads, or on their own!

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Pea Shoots

Peashoots have all the fresh flavours of a pea. These sprouts are very versatile, working well in salads, sandwiches, stir-fries, and asian cuisine. Calcium, chlorophyll, magnesium, iron, and more.

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Rose Radish Sprouts

If you love radishes, you will enjoy the crispness and slight spiciness of radish sprouts. Rich in carotene, phosphorus, and antioxidants. Delightful in salads, drizzled with lime eaten on their own!

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Kale Sprouts

The simplicity of kale can be found in many forms, one of them being sprouts! Slightly more delicate with a longer growing time, these sprouts are worth the wait. High in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Add to salads, sandwiches, omelettes, pizza, and more!

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Alfalfa Sprouts

These alfalfa sprouts are carefully grown using the hydroponic method (meaning they are grown in water). Simple, tasty, and high in vitamin K, vitamin C, and calcium. They take about one week to grow, and are carefully harvested for you to enjoy!

Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Swiss Chard


Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Broccoli Sprouts


Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

Red Daikon Radish


Available in: 125g, 1/2 Lb, 1 Lb, and Bulk*

8oz Sunflower Sprouts

1Lb Sunflower Sprouts

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Sustainability and Community

At Rejuvenating Spring, we strive to make a positive difference in communities. Our objective is to facilitate local fresh green production while being as biodynamic as possible. With our integrated system of Plant and Micro-green production, we are dedicated to satisfy your needs while making the most efficient use of non-renewable sources. Rejuvenating Spring aims to sustain economic viability and stands for “living with vibrant foods.” While providing our Micro-greens across the GTA, we wish to enhance the quality of the community as a whole.

Rejuvenating Spring not only grows and produces Micro-greens but also teaches the process of Micro-green farming to peoples age 7 and up. We attend local elementary and secondary High Schools to teach students the process of Micro-green farming, ensuring that they can experience a holistic and vibrant health as well. It is our goal to provide these experiences so that we together, can build a happy and healthy future. Rejuvenating Spring also aids many Environmental Foundations and aspires to give back to the community through education and sustainable practices. With our knowledgeable Certified Nutritionists on board, we hold seminars educating the public about the benefits of Micro-Green consumption. Our team works with Cancer and Hospital Patients promoting Micro-Greens in the purest form.

The Rejuvenating Spring Team explores different avenues on top quality production and economic prosperity while using renewable sources and decreasing Carbon Footprints along the way. With the Planet it mind and our Research and Development team, we use the freshest natural resources, while producing minimal waste and enhancing the communities Greenbelt. Using natural organic soil, we recycle and reuse as much product as possible and focus on producing minimal loss. We make every effort to continuously innovate and improve production efficiencies.

Working with the public, school boards, natural food markets, restaurants and businesses, we provide you with the Micro-green experience you need!



Tuesday March 24th, Rejuvenating Spring had the pleasure of holding a Sprouting / Micro-greens Workshop for the Grade 5 Class from the Burlington Waldorf School with much interest from the students. It was an amazing event as they learned about the use of Organic soil, Germinating and Planting micro-greens, the harvesting process & the nutritional value… and of course had a great time at Spring Time Farm by getting to taste the delicious micro-greens and being able to see the growing process.

Rejuvenating Spring hopes to develop interest in students and youngsters in the future for urban farming and sustainable agricultural practices. Thank you Walford School.

Grade 5 class for coming in and a warm thanks to Ms. Todman for your much appreciated organization and Lexi for your wonderful drawing. Happy Growing!


Fresh “Life Force Nutrition”

So you walk into your local farmer’s market and see this clear clam shell container of “Micro-greens”. You tell yourself that you’ve always wanted to try it and your friends always encourage you to try them as well. But you just dont know what they are?

Well, Rejuvenating Spring has the answers for you! Micro-greens are grown in soil and develop from a small germinated seed into tiny baby plant. Just like if you plant a seed a tree will grow. The same concept is applied with Micro-greens, however Rejuvenating Spring Micro-greens are harvested at optimal length for holistic nutrition, so dont worry, you wont get a tree in your package:)

There are many different varieties to choose from when it comes to Micro-greens including; Sunflower, Wheatgrass, Kale, Pea-shoots etc, each having a multitude of health benefits. While Micro-greens have been available in local markets for quite some time, they have increased in popularity due to its rare and tempting flavours, aesthetic appeal and rich enzyme content.

Eating greens is easy, but when it comes to Micro-greens, it just gets easier and way more enjoyable. Micro-greens are crisp, fresh and vibrant, giving you and your family added, complete nutrition to a variety of different foods and meals. Mix them in a dish, sprinkle some on a salad, or simple eat au natural, and start your day off right. Oh, and dont be fooled by Micro-greens, they aren’t all green, however, they do each contain natural, earthy vitamins and minerals that will complete your pallet.

Packed with more enzymes and nutrients than mature plants, Micro-greens are considered one of the most perfect foods known to humankind. During the germination stage, cells in the plant produce more rapidly increasing the nutritional content in a single leaf. While the cells are dividing, nutrients are activated and released into the micro-green making it crisp and abundant.

Produced year round, Micro-greens cater to all diets containing a low glycemic index and few carbohydrates. Micro-greens cleanse and detoxify the body and they are an excellent source of protein and very rich in chlorophyll — “natures greatest healer”. They are rich in amino acids and phytonutrients giving your body the supplements it needs.

These leafy baby greens are financially economical and require no preparation time making them a quick, easy and truly healthy solution.

So, now you walk into your local farmer’s market and see this clear clam shell container of “Micro-greens”. You tell yourself you’ve always wanted to try it, and without hesitation….

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Do it at Home

Work from home? Hungry for a snack to eat but sick of all your Pop Tarts? Rejuvenating Spring is here to help you grow your own Micro-greens

Growing your own Micro-greens for some may seem time-consuming, but in fact is effortless when you consider the benefits that they will add to your health. A recent study as of 2014 tested 25 different varieties of Micro-greens measuring different vitamins and minerals plus other related carotenoids and enzymes. Amidst the 25 different Micro-greens tested, respectively speaking, Micro-greens contain the highest concentration of Vitamin C, carotenoids, Vitamin K and Vitamin E — about 6x greater than mature plants. Another nutritional study was done in the summer of 2012 indicating potential that Micro-greens may have higher nutritional value compared to fully grown vegetables. With this in mind, the Rejuvenating Spring team has designed a simple and basic method to help you grown and taste your own fresh Micro-greens.

Our team is devoted to your health and well being and works to create methods that are efficient and productive. We aim to educate the public on how to live a healthy lifestyle by growing their own Micro-greens.

Its easy! — all you is a few key things and you will feel THE GLOW in no time.

With Rejuvenating Spring’s simple and easy acronym, you can never go wrong!

T : Trays x2

HE: Heavy Weights

G: Seeds (Germinated)

L: Light (Sunlight)

O: Organic Soil

W: Water

Let’s get started with your Micro-green from home adventure:

Step 1: Soak seeds overnight (8-10 hours). Strain & Rinse seeds- let seeds sit in strainer allowing water to drain for 24 hours until seeds have germinated

Step 2: Now that you’ve reached step 2 you should be feeling pretty confident that your seeds have germinated and they should have little white tails. Lets get started with planting! Fill sprouting tray with soil (approximately 1 inch deep). Press soil down to flatten. Spread germinated seeds evenly over soiled surface — be sure that the seeds do not overlap too much. Water soil evenly and thoroughly. Place second tray on top of seeded tray — place weight (ex. heavy bricks, weights) on top of empty tray. Keep tray in darkness for 24-36 hours until seeds start to push up and top tray starts to lift.

Step 3: You’re almost there! Finally, remove weight & top tray — place seeded tray in light (window sill/full spectrum light). Using a watering can; water tray evenly once a day. With a little love, a little tweaking and a little bit of improvisation et Voila! Your micro-greens are ready to harvest within approximately 7 days.

Step 4: Harvest your Micro-greens and enjoy. For recipes with Micro-greens, visit our Recipe page with delightful salad and micro-green dishes on how to incorporate your freshly harvested oh so glowing greens.

For More details sign up to our upcoming and exciting Micro-green workshop….

Also, to ensure the best product for you, purchase your seeds today from Rejuvenatingspring.com to get the best micro-greens you’ve ever tasted

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At Rejuvenating Spring, we love trying new flavours and for the new year, we have a Recipe you’ll love. With this creamy avocado and sun-dried tomato salad, you’ll have never of tasted Micro-greens like this.


125g Sunflower Micro-greens

125g Pea-shoot Micro-greens

1 Green Onion

Baby Celery (Core of 1 Celery)

1 cubed avocado

3 Sun-dried Tomatoes

Handful of Kalamata Olives (in brine) pitted or non pitted

1 lemon (juiced)- or to taste

1/4 cup Camelina Oil

1/4 cup MCT oil

Himalayan Rock Salt- to taste


1. Chop Sunflower and Peashoots into 2 inch pieces.

2. Put the Sunflower and Pea-shoot micro-greens in a large bowl.

3. Chop 1 green onion thin on a 45 degree angle

4. Slice Baby Celery 1/4 inch thick on a 45 degree angle

5. Cube Avocado

6. Chop Sun-dried tomatoes

7. Add Handful of olives

8. Add Rock Salt, Lemon Juice, Camelina Oil and MCT Oil

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